Essential maintenance tips for extending the lifespan of JMC vehicle parts

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, whether it’s a JMC Boarding, Vigus, Changan, Carrying, or Landwind, routine maintenance is crucial. It not only ensures that your car remains in peak performance but also extends the overall lifespan of your car’s parts. Here’s an extensive guide to help you keep your vehicle in top shape and avoid expensive repairs:

  1. Regular Inspection and Maintenance: Regular checks are key to ensuring your vehicle stays healthy. This includes inspecting the tires for proper inflation and wear, checking the engine for any unusual noises or leaks, and ensuring all lights are functioning correctly.

  2. Oil Changes and Oil Filter Replacement: Changing the engine oil and oil filter regularly keeps the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Clean oil lubricates the engine, reducing friction and heat that can lead to damage.

  3. Brake Checks: The braking system is vital for safety. Regularly inspect brake pads and rotors for wear. If the brake fluid is low or dirty, it needs to be replaced to ensure optimum braking performance.

  4. Transmission Fluid and Power Steering Fluid: These fluids play a significant role in your vehicle’s operation. Check them regularly and top up or replace when necessary.

  5. Air Filters: A clean air filter improves fuel efficiency and prolongs the life of the engine. Replace the air filter as recommended in the owner’s manual.

  6. Battery Checks: Check your battery regularly, especially in cold weather. A weak battery can lead to starting problems and poor performance.

  7. Spark Plugs and Timing Belt: These parts play critical roles in the combustion chamber. Worn out spark plugs or a stretched timing belt can impact engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  8. Tire Pressure: Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure improves fuel efficiency, handling, and safety. Check tire pressure at least once a month.

  9. Check Engine Light: This is an early warning sign of potential problems. If this light comes on, get your vehicle checked immediately to prevent further damage.

  10. Gaskets: These seals prevent fluids from leaking and mixing. If you notice oil or coolant leaks, it could indicate a gasket failure.

  11. Car’s Body Maintenance: Regularly wash your car to preserve the paint job. Waxing adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and sun damage.

  12. Air Conditioning: Regularly check the coolant and refrigerant levels to keep your air conditioning working optimally.

  13. Parking Brake: Regular use of the parking brake can help it stay in good condition and prevent it from seizing in the engaged position.

  14. Driving Habits: Accelerate slowly, avoid potholes, and use your gears wisely to reduce strain on your car’s parts and extend its life.

  15. Owner’s Manual: This guidebook provides detailed information about your specific model. Always refer to it for maintenance schedules, fluid capacities, correct tire pressures, and more.

  16. Professional Maintenance: For complex tasks, always seek professional help from our reputable service centres. Genuine parts should always be used for replacements to ensure longevity and performance.

Remember, taking care of your car isn’t just about avoiding repair costs. It’s also about ensuring safety, improving fuel efficiency, and preserving your vehicle’s value. Don’t wait until the check engine light comes on – be proactive in your maintenance routine. And finally, don’t hesitate to contact your dealership to schedule an appointment with the service department. They’re there to help you keep your vehicle in top shape.

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